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Single Family Residential PNG.png
Single Family Residential

SpaceCamp designs and builds both new construction and renovations on existing single family homes. We are currently working on many new construction projects in the Santa Cruz Mountains, as well as in town.

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These are projects in commercial districts that include retail, food service and various other forms of tenant improvements. In Santa Cruz, SpaceCamp has designed and built for breweries, coffee shops, retailers, warehousing and offices.

Accessory Dwelling Units
ADU 3 PNG.png
Single Family Residential PNG.png
Single Family Residential PNG.png

SpaceCamp began designing and building ADUs in Portland, OR in 2007 when this building type was encouraged by reduced system development charges to encourage densification of residential neighborhoods. We designed half a dozen and built several. One of our designs was featuerd by dwell magazine in 2015 - “Cozy Home in Portland is Under 800 Square Feet”.
We are currently designing and building ADUs on the westside of Santa Cruz and in Bonny Doon.

Multi Family Residential

Multifamily residential housing is a classification of housing where multiple separate housing units for residential inhabitants are contained within one building or several buildings within one complex. SpaceCamp has designed a 6 unit multi-family project on Mission St on Santa Cruz's Westside, which includes a duplex and 4 Accessory Dwelling Units.

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Urban PNG.png

Trevor received his Master's in Architecture from the University of Oregon Portland campus where Urban Design is a strong component of the program.  SpaceCamp has designed and built projects in Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Toronto and other smaller municipalities throughout North America. We are ambitious in our focus on urban projects, and look forward to more opportunities to provide design and construction solutions to issues like affordable housing and the unhoused population in the urban environment of our hometown of Santa Cruz.

Rural text PNG.png
Rural PNG.png

SpaceCamp's shop and Trevor's family home are located in the redwood forest community of Bonny Doon, 9 miles north of Santa Cruz. The community of Bonny Doon was devastated by the CZU Lightning Complex fire in the summer of 2020. SpaceCamp is currently designing and building 5 fire rebuild projects within the community. We are experts in California's Wildland Urban Interface code, and in the general circumstances of rural living. Trevor is trained in wilderness survival and is an apprentice instructor at the Boulder Outdoor Survival School in Boulder, UT. He also sits on the board of the Santa Lucia Preserve, a rural luxury housing community in the Carmel Valley.

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