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Content Magazine Podcast


Episode #109 Trevor Jones, Minnow Arts

Content Magazine interviewed Trevor about his approach to building design, reflections on the journey that led him to co-owning a gallery, and advice for anyone hoping to ‘do it themselves.'

Click link below to listen.

Screenshot 2024-01-03 144357.png

Santa Cruz Waves Magazine


Burning Question

Santa Cruz Waves Magazine spoke with Trevor Jones about his experience with rebuilding homes lost within the 2020 CZU Lightning Complex Fire burn zone.

Learn more about SpaceCamp's fire rebuilds here

fire burn.PNG

GRAY Magazine


The Graffiti Architect

The Oregon Coast Barn Loft, designed and built with Trevor's colleague and friend, fine artist Hannes Wingate, was featured in Gray, the design magazine of the Pacific Northwest.



Cozy Home in Portland Is Under 800 Square Feet

"Designer Shannon Baird conceived of this 796-square-foot dwelling off the back of a larger home in Portland."

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